Every year there is a lot of confusion among students just before the exams as to what should be my priority? or What are the most important topics that I should study? or What would be the difficulty level of the CAT exam. First of all, Stop thinking about all these things as it would do no good to your preparation but will hamper your confidence. Make yourself confortable about the fact that this is just like some other exam and you have performed so well during your mocks and you will surely nail the CAT exam this year. If you think that YOU CAN’T DO IT, Stop reading the article right now as it would not do any good to you. For all the crazy people who think that they will achieve their goal of getting into the top business management schools, here are some of the tips from experts:

1. Prioritize 

You are planning for a management degree and if you cant’t prioritize the topics on the basis of their weightage in the final CAT exam, then God save your ass during the exam. You need to get this thing in your brain that Every TOUGH topic is NOT IMPORTANT. So stop devoting your entire last day in the tough topics.  Research for the topics that are most probable to appear in the CAT this year and divert your foucs to them only. For your help, I am attaching the link for a Youtube video from Handa ka Fanda where he is talking about the important topics for CAT 2016, watch it once and then move forward.



2. Do not revise every topic on  the last day

Yes! It’s true. Do Not Revise every single topic on the last day. You have practised enough during the last 6 months, so now close the rough notebooks and STOP PRACTICING. Just revise the formulae for the important topics that you have listed. Why am I suggesting you to not to practice? The basic reason behind this point is because even if you have performed really well during your mocks or you know every insight of the CAT preparation booklet that you been reading from past one month,  If you will get stuck even in one Algebra question, your brain will start thinking that you don’t know enough about this topic which will further strike a thought that you should probably practice for other concepts too, which is a complete waste of time. SO WORK ONLY ON IMPORTANT AREA.

3. Talk only to those friends who are not appearing for CAT

So okay, I am not a sadist who wants to hurt you by saying that but it’s actually really important that you should not talk to your friends who are appearing for CAT 2016. The basic question of every CAT applicant to other is, HOW MUCH HAVE YOU SCORED DURING YOUR MOCKS?, If the other person qoutes a number more than 90 percentile, the next question would be, SO! WHAT ARE  THE IMPORTANT TOPICS FOR CAT EXAM? or even worse, WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THE TOPICS THAT WOULD BE ASKED THIS YEAR?. I mean common, the other is just an applicant like you, he is no expert and how would you know if he is sharing the right topics with you or not. So better is, DO NOT TALK TO OTHER CAT APPLICANTS FOR JUST ANOTHER 36 HOURS.

 4. Sleep well before exam.

Now this is the most important point according to me, 90 percent of the students aiming for 90+ percentile doesn’t understand the simple fact that sleeping well before your exam increase your chances of getting into a good management school. Stop worrying about what is your preparation or what will be the difficulty level of the exam. Sleep well without worrying about anything. This will help your brain to recover from all the tiredness from past weeks and you will be able to remember more during the exam. 

5. Stay CALM during the exam

Right from the time you leave your home, make sure that you carry your admit card and an ID proof with you. Avoid getting into any fights or mess before exam. While attempting the paper just stay calm. If you can’t solve a question, leave it but do not attempt the wrong answer. Attempting wrong would further decrease your percentile. Do not lose hope and move further with a strong motivation that will be able to solve other questions. Usually the questions appearing last in the section are the easiest one, so have a look over every question. 



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Thank you for reading the article.

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