Though it is quite clichéd for couples doing cute things, a study says that couples who do gross things together are supposedly more happy and have a better sex life compared to the ones who don’t. Some do it behind closed doors but some are gutsier and do such things publicly or share their gross moments on the social media. Some are so much into gross that it won’t be wrong to classify them as gross couples.


1. Sharing a Toothbrush



2. Tweezing Out Their Errant Hairs



3. Picking Each Other’s Pimples



4. Sharing a Bar of Soap in the Shower



5. Going To the Bathroom with the Door Open



6. Sniffing Each Other’s Armpits



7. Cleaning Up After Period Sex



I am pretty sure that you are grossed after seeing these as I definitely was. If you want to do something funny and gross with your partner, you can take a cue from the above mentioned activities.


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