1. Approach it the right way:

“First Impression is the Last Impression.” Boys! This saying is as true as sun rising in east and setting in west. Make sure you don’t give out a bad first impression unless you have two Halloween costumes like Barney Stinson. If you have already made a bad move, try to reduce the damage, not worsen it.




2. Dress Sharp:

Dressing sharply doesn’t imply you are always suited up. However a decent dress is always expected. Ditch your graphic tees, unless you are 5th std. kid. Polo’s and shirts are a good option, but it all depends on your culture, environment and your body tone.

If you are looking to upgrade your style, make sure to visit this youtube page.  





3. Be a ‘Gentleman’:

Being a gentleman is not a matter of thought, it is a matter of practice. Small details like opening a door for her, pulling a chair for her, listening attentively to her or opening a car door impresses her a lot. “Being gentleman is never out of Fashion.” 




4. Know your wine:

Not literally wine; it implies know the things well which you ‘Claim to know.’ For instance if you say you are a big fan of Cheese, make sure you know all the types of cheese, which parts of world it is made in, etc. Don’t brag unnecessarily, that won’t serve any purpose. 



5. Dont Rush!: 

The last tip, and possibly the key tip. Don’t rush into anything. Ideally you should not call her for 2 days after the first date. Also an important part is, there is a thin line between ‘Attitude’ and ‘Ego’. Make sure you don’t cross the line and fall in the trap of Ego! 



Have we missed any tip Or you find any other tip more important? Do let us know in Comment section.


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