Cheating, trust issues, frustration and what not?! 

Nowadays, every 1 of the 5 relationships has trust issues which leads to frustration and anxiety problems. Time and again we feel that our partner is cheating on us, may be because of lack of understanding or faith in the partner. But regardless of any reason, cheating is hurtful and can create certain rifts between two people.

Even if everything’s right but you feel that your partner is cheating on you, then you definitely need to do something and move forward in the relationship. Handling a cheating partner is not easy, neither emotionally nor physically.  There’s no thumb rule to handle a cheating partner, but we have come with some basic essentials to deal with the situation.

Start with re-establishing your trust

When a partner is unfaithful, it is a serious breach of trust. But if a person is really sorry for what all he/she did, and is ready to amend everything then give it a fresh start. Forgiveness can lead to even better relationship. Re-establishment of trust is very necessary inorder to bring back the dead relationship to life. On the other hand, if you don’t find the other person serious for any discussion about trust isssues then, you definitely need to consider following things:

  • Has this sort of behaviour happened before?
  • Is your partner really sorry?
  • Is all this negative attitude completely for you?
  • Or if your partner has some issues with you?

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Communicate with your partner when ready

With the rapidly changing lifestyles and busy schedules, people forget to communicate with each other due to excessive pressure. Communication gap, nowadays is the root cause of many relationships dying a slow death. In order to mend things and to keep a check on your partner, regular communication and affection is a must. Many people leave things on time, but things only get worse with time if you don’t put any efforts. Proper discussion and timely actions can save any relationship and can also reduce the probability of cheating.

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Don’t be too authoritative 

People generally try to cut themselves from people who are way too dominating. If one of the two partners is very dominating, then there are possible chances that the other partner may resort to cheating. In order to run away from all the bossy attitude, one can try and find comfort in some other person. The best way to resolve such a conflict is to try and understand each other and instead of running from each other, each partner must discuss about the problematic issues in their relationship.

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Encourage your partner to be more open with you

Sharing more emotions with your partner and asking the same to do from him/her can help strengthen  the bond. Spending more and more time with each other helps to understand each other better and a feeling of mutual trust is established. Make it a habit to confide in each other every day. This way you’ll get to know each other better and trust issues won’t really arise.

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Be considerate with each others’s needs

In order to keep one’s partner happy and satisfied, it is very necessary to understand each other’s needs. So as to move forward in the relationship, it is very important to know what your partner want and make sure, you do this at the right time. Else, your partner will definitely resort to some other comfort level. Appreciate each other from time to time to maintain that freshness in the relationship. Appreciation will let your partner know that you still care for them and nothing has changed. This will further strengthen the bond.


Give time to each other

Initially, it is difficult for any person to adjust in a particular atmosphere. To get your partner acquainted with this new change in life, you should give them proper time and make them feel special from time to time. This will not only let them know that you care for them but will also strengthen their trust on you. If you give proper time and commitment to your partner then the scope of cheating will reduce to zero. After all, it’s all about priorities.


Know when to end the relationship

If things don’t improve despite of many efforts and even the last shot doesn’t work, then it is the right time to end the vicious cycle of arguments and blame-games. If it kills you from inside every second, then there’s no point in staying in an almost barren relationship.A continuous spiral of hurt, anger and frustrations, inability to connect, constant fighting and inability to forgive are few of those many indications that clearly state that staying single is far better than carrying the burden of a dreadful relationship.


 It’s never too late to realise that some things are just not meant to be and it is always beneficial to end things if they exploit you,be it emotionally or physically.




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