Winters are almost here and so is the season of cough and cold. We feel that chill down our spine when we go outside. But nowadays with the pleasant winters, we are also welcoming a hell lot of smoke that tops our cough and cold. The smog in the air is affecting our heath  and if the situation remains intact, then it is a serious concern. 

This air pollution won’t leave us easily, so let’s learn some ways to fight cough and cold in 7 simple and natural ways.

1. Eat Honey

Eating honey for making our face glow is all what we know, but it has several other benefits as well. Drinking tea or lime water with honey cures sore throat. But many little of us know that eating 2 tbsp honey everyday for a week before bed-time is an effective remedy to aid cough and cold. However, certain precautions must be taken while feeding honey to children below 2 years.

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2. Use Ginger

Ginger has many anti-allergic properties. Besides helping cure the upset stomach, ginger helps in producing mucous that inturn helps to relieve coughing. Having ginger tea or crystallised ginger helps during cold and cough. One can also have 1 tbsp of ginger with honey and basil every night till 7 days to get rid of cold easily.

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3. Consider pulling oil

Oil pulling is an age old  remedy. In this, one has to swish oil in the mouth to remove harmful germs and bacteria from the mouth. Use of organic oil is beneficial and one can use- vegetable oil, seasame oil or coconut oil. Take a spoon full of oil and swish in to your mouth for one-minute and make sure to swish it properly so that all the harmful bacteria gets detoxified. It is also beneficial for maintaining good health of your teeth. It also helps to prevent dehydration of mouth and throat which can ease the symptoms of cough and cold.

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4. Gargle

Gargle is also an old home remedy that is anyday succesful for fixing sore throat. Use  salt water to gargle and repeat the process for around 15-20 minutes.Gargle aslso helps to cure sinus and drains the mucous that becomes irritating at the later stage of cough.

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5. Use of steamer

Steam helps a lot during cough and cold. Inhaling steam from a tub of boiling water or a steamer helps in drying cough and it also triggers cold. It adds moisture in our breathing air which direrctly triggers our cough and helps in breaking phelgm and also relieves congestion in the chest.

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6. Use Peppermint

Peppermint contains menthol that soothes dry cough and sore throat. It is also a decongestant that helps to dry cough and reduce phelgm. Use of peppermint tea bags in lukewarm water can help to get rid of cold easily.


7. Eucalyptus Oil

This is one of the fastest ways to afix cough and cold. It comes as oil, ointments, cough syrups or as vapour baths. applying eucalyptus ointments around nose and at chest relieves congestion and helps in breaking phelgm. Eucalyptus tea is also effective in drying cough. Gargle with eucalyptus water helps to reduce bad breath and sore throat.

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We often get irritated with cough and cold and usually resort to medicines which are slow in showing results. Taking too many antibiotics affects our liver and have other side-effects. Even doctors don’t recommend continuous usage of  antibiotics upto a prescribed stage. These home remedies not only give quick results but also protect us from any side-effects. 

Don’t forget to drink lots and lots of water as it is the most important detoxifying agent and if you have any other affective home remedy, share with us in the comment section below. 

Stay healthy and protect yourself from pollution! 

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