We know that exams are approaching and most of us have no clue as to what to do and from where to start studying, haha, yes, from where to actually begin with. 

Many of us weren’t like this in schools, right? 

Welcome to College everyone!

Throughout of the year, we all roam here and there, visit this place, meet those friends and we hardly attend lectures. But now when exam season is approaching, most us starts to panic and end up spoiling whatever we have. So, here we are telling you guys what you can do to improve your concentration during exams in 8 simple ways. 

So let’s start with some study tips. 

1. Make a schedule for everything

When exam season pops up, every minute counts and is precious. Start making schedules as to how much time you need to devote to different subjects depending on their syllabus and exam date. Keep collecting syllabus and notes from your professors as they know what’s important and how much time we need to spend on each topic. Also make proper schedules regarding your break time- which you’ll be taking anyway- so that no extra time is wasted. 

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2. Start highlighting and creating

The most important thing that’ll help you during your last days will be the notes you made and important topics you highlighted. So, start making notes because concepts will be more clear and easy to remember when written in your own words. As far as highlighting is concerned, make sure you highlight only main points and don’t end up colouring the whole book.

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3. Cajole a friend

Yes, persuade them to explain you some difficult topics and also tell you about the important ones. Make sure your friend is a serious one, because goofing around won’t be very productive these days. Serious support and help will definitely overpass this ocean of exams.

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4. Gather everything 

By everything we mean, everything. Gather your study material, highlighters, other stationary stuff and food. This is the time when many of us feel extra hungry or we tend to have a sweet tooth. Regular eating breaks not only relax us but also boost our energy. Eating healthy food maintains body metabolism and helps to fight stress. Start playing smart. Use of mnemonics or any other technique will definitely help you to revise stuff easily.

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5. A permanent study spot

Try to find a permanent study spot as it helps in building concentration. Scoping out a place not only helps in establishing concentration but it also helps to maintain the same level of mind. It helps in building momentum and there’s no room for distractions as well.

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6. Rest and breaks

Rest is very necessary for both, our mind and body. Breaks at regular intervals not only freshens up our mind but also helps in relaxing our muscles. Our body needs proper rest and during exam season, we tend to work in double shifts. So, as long as the pressure increases the need to take proper rest also increases, it has a direct relation you see. 😛

Music is a great stress buster. Try listening to music in between to refresh your mind and to re-energise yourself.

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7.  Proper Sleep

A complete sleep of 7-8 hours is necessary for our body and before the exam is becomes very essential. We know most of us are one night people, so guys, if you haven’t studied and you don’t know a thing at all, study more and sleep less.

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8. Be confident

Last but not the least, be confident and have the courage to outshine everyone. Having confidence not only boosts your morale, but also releases stress. It’s like- all in the mind thing- so, if you are confident enough then everything will go well.

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So, with all the festive seasons almost coming to an end, we here welcome the exam season. I know we all are tensed and doomed but we should not lose hope. Also that, different people may have different study patterns, but don’t take tesnion, do what you feel is perfect for you. Just be Confident and rock the exams. 

Pin this post for later, it might help you and if you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them with us.


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