No doubt the kind of life corporate people experience is full of challenges but there is someone who dares it all to showcase, in the funniest manner possible, what actually is everyone doing these days. Corporate people, getting dressed and rushing to work early in the morning, are making their living by sacrificing a lot of happiness. Somehow, everyone is running behind those things that doesn’t make any sense. Coming back to the video, this person has worn a panda mask depicting that we all are working without applying our brains. We start everyday with a target to reach office in time so that we can get attendance for the day (seriously, Are we still in 3rd Standard?). And God bless Delhi-Haryana’s traffic, I mean there is no way anyone can reach office in time when people are stuck in traffic jams for 2 hours everyday.

Now that’s not the end, coming over to the second part of the video that’s even more interesting, nobody is willing to help anyone. Everyone is busy in thier own world. So if you try asking someone for help, they will simply push you back and resume to their business. After all this fight, if we somehow manage to reach our office in time, then there are our managers standing right in front of us, with the exact stats of how our work has declined over the past few months and  how he thinks that we are not serious about the job anymore (I mean, Are you kidding me?, getting a little late makes me less serious about my work). 

In some manner or the other, everyone of us can relate to this story and if you are still confused about what I was talking about, checkout this amazing video.

This video was so much fun.

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