Bollywood Stars Dubbing Hollywood Movies!

Imagine youself in a situation: You are at home, bored as hell so you decide to surf through all the channels on your TV… After searching for a while, you finally land up on a channel like UTV Action and they are showing some Hollywood action movie.

Now, you have been in this situation before. You know that the Hindi dubbing is going to KILL the whole flow of the film. You are prepared to listen to some uncanny voice make your favourite superhero talk like a tapori! So you know whats coming!

 *Hint: Please do watch Spiderman in Hindi*

 But sometimes, if you are really really really lucky, you get to hear a familier voice dubbing that movie! And you know what..? Its not even that bad! 

 Akshay Kumar Optimus Prime

Yea, many Bollywood actors and actresses have been cool enough to  lend their voices in order to dub many Hollywood movies! Here are 5 of the most amazing ones!

5. Varun Dhawan – Steve Rogers – Captain America: Civil War 

4. Akshay Kumar – Optimus Prime – Transformers: Dark of the Moon

3.  Priyanka Chopra – Kaa – The Jungle Book (2016)

2. Anupam Kher – Carl – Up 

1. Shahrukh Khan – Bob/ Mr. Incredible – The Incredibles 



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