Glaring lights, appetizing sweets, vibrant decoration, and tons and tons of gifts, these words perfectly describe the beautiful festival Diwali. During festive season, we all our on our foot, running here and there, roaming around the markets searching for amazing presents for our loved ones. But sometimes finding such creative and presentable gifts becomes strenuous and we end up gifting that same crockery and food items to our relatives and friends, but don’t worry we at Googly Networks have prepared a list to help you!

1. Festive Boxes By MIAM

The typical chocolate boxes are too repetitive and just get hoarded rather than being eaten. Miam Diwali are perfect diwali gift if you are thinking of giving something out of the box it is one of the best things you can gift and it will be finished as soon as it comes in the hand of your friends or relatives because it Contains macarons, financiers, salted caramel, chocolate spread and sablés, these are chocked full of happiness.

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2. Kindle Voyage 


 This is the best gift you can give to a book lover. This Kindle ebook reader is the best from Amazon so far, both in terms of build quality and performance. Boasting a 300-ppi, 6-inch e-Ink display, it has an adaptive front light that provides brightness during the day as well as night. Text appears sharper (like in print) and pages can be turned by pressing the thumb against PagePress,  and it comes with a price of  Rs. 16,499. We never think of gifting something like this to anyone so this can be a good gift , as this is not something which will loose its value as soon as the festival gets over.

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3. Earthen Pots


Designer earthen pots are also a great gift idea for this Diwali. If you are good with the brush, you can personalise them maybe with a little painting or you can also get designer earthen pots in the market. They can be used in multiple ways, as show-pieces, as flower pots, as flower vases, or just as simple containers. You can get them online at Mitticool.

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4. Diwali Cupcakes


How can we think about any festival without sweets, but instead of going upon the route of giving traditional sweets, why not gift a box of cupcakes ? And if those cupcakes are designed specially by keeping Diwali theme in mind. Why not choose something so innovative, yet the best.

5. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2


When it comes to gifting something that can improve their health and with the high level of pollution these days, the gift of pure air is a great idea. If you plan on buying one without investing a lot, then Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is a great option. It is a good looking air purifier that doesn’t consume much space. Equipped with a 360-degree cylindrical filter, it takes in air more efficiently from every direction and it is Priced at Rs 9,999. You can explore millions of other gifts too on Flipkart 


Make this festival of lights a memorable one this year by gifting your friends and relatives these out of the box gifts. I am sure you guys were thinking about gifting something different yet classy this year, so what are you waiting for? gear up, get these gifts and make your loved ones happy this year.

Happy Diwali !! 

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