There is no one who does not have bad or lazy days. Its human nature to feel lazy on the days you are required to work the most. When these days come the last thing you want to do is to get up and dressed then  go to work  and we tend to think how bad is our life as adults. Thinking about school days when the only obstacle between you and off was your parents unlike today when you have to think about so  many things , but its sometimes okay to prioritize your happiness over other things. So, here are some excuses which will never let your boss know about your carefree mood.

1. “My sister was going into emergency labour.

Now, that is something you can’t control. This can be a good excuse if your  boss  is  a female or is little bit sensitive towards such issues. 

2. sick wife/child


 Just simply  say “sir I can’t come, my child is not well” just say it confidently and see the magic!

3. Cramps


 oouuch it hurts. It’s a very uncommon excuse, people usually say that I am not well, but no one ever says that I can’t come today because I am suffering from cramps , cough, cold  etc. 

4.Doctor’s appointment


“sorry sir, I can’t  come today my doctor is going out of delhi this week”.  This will surely work , give it a try once.

5. Pet Emergency 


 This can anyday be the best excuse, as this is a very uncommon excuse. Do try it once guys

 Everyone have days when they just don’t feel like going to work. Whether that’s because you really have an issue that requires you to stay home, wish you had a different career or just feel like playing video games all day, it doesn’t really matter. You just need the perfect excuse to get you out of the office and back into bed. Thinking your boss to be a fool or dumb is a bad thinking in itself and one should always limit the use of excuses. So, best of luck guys.


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