It is safe to say that five years ago, the 9 to 11 PM time slot was officially the “Daily Soap Hours”. The two hour long time period was full of dramatic serials that consisted of the leads shouting things at each other. Not much has changed ever since.  Just that in stead of the serials, we have Times Now’s News Hour and Mr. Arnab Goswami as the lead character.

Let’s face it. If you watch the News Hour, at some point of time, you have thought to yourself something like “What is this guy even saying!” or “Why won’t he stop shouting” or “How much gel does this guy put in his hair?!?!?!” (Nobody? Just me then! Okay… moving on!) 

So basically, Arnab Gosawmi has been hated. Sometimes he gets the taste of his own medicine (Hint: Watch his “debate” with Smriti Irani) and sometimes you simply change the channel. 

But at least once… We can proudly say that Mr. Goswami made some sense and took a stand that might change your perception of him. 

In an episode of the News Hour, Goswami and the respective panellists were debating on Triple Talaq when suddenly an ex-ACP Shamsher Pathan made some rather inappropriate comments on the Muslim female panellists and eventually went on to tell them to “give talaq to their husbands”.

This ticked Goswami who then told Mr. Pathan to “take off the mic and LEAVE from the studio”. While the whole ruckus unfolded on live television, Goswami repeated announced that nobody should disrespect women and that equality is everyone’s right. 


Well… if nothing else, Arnab Goswami got my respect! 


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