In 1865, the 13th Amendment was passed for the constitution of the United States of America that abolished slavery in the country. This amendment was considered to be the end of racism – at least in the USA – and was considered to be Abraham Lincoln’s ultimate gift to the society. 

That was 150 years ago. That was a different era. Since then, America has come a long way. It has become the world’s largest economy, world’s strongest military force and of course it is ‘THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES’. It is the savior of nations and the protector and an honest follower of Human Rights…

Well… the last one only holds true if you are white. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not defaming the US of its accomplishments. I am also not saying that the entire American population is racist. But some of them are and it is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Take this man for example. He went to visit his mother one day. They were enjoying a sunny day and a nice barbeque when he noticed a woman watching them with binoculars as if they were criminals causing trouble. So he went to confront her. To ask her what was going on… What happened next will force you to raise your eyebrows in disgust.


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