What’s different in Google Allo

 Whatsapp,Snapchat,Instagram, sometimes facebook,messenger and then Whatsapp.. The cycle goes on. But now wait! 

Google has come up wih somewhat similar to whatsapp but with it’s own chatbot. Woah!

 Add more you to your chats.

We really don’t know if Google Allo will win all hearts or not but it has created some buzz and has definitely staggered the marketing strategy of whatsapp a little bit. Despite of the critcs saying that whatsapp has a larger control and Allo cannot make it, we all know it has something that we all would like to give it a shot.

So, with so much hype about Allo, let’s just know how it is different and better.

Firstly, its name: Allo, sounds like Hello.. So, Allo users!!


Secondly, many of us out there think it is a replacement of hangouts, but let me tell you it is an own standlone app coming for android and iOS

Allo to smart replies, yes right. Google Allo helps to suggest replies based on the previous replies or texts. This is known as “Smart Reply” function. It also analysis the images to find a suitable response. Its fast processor adapts to suggestions from user rapidly and help to make messaging a comforting experience. (It definitely eliminates the feeling of frustration on autocorrect atleast. 😛 )

It also allows users to draw on photos before sending them. (thought of snapchat,right? )

“Whisper Shout” , a good function indeed, allows the user to increase or decrease the size of the text to represent volume. (We sometimes need it, like really bad. 😛 )


The Virtual assistance or Chatbot, is very smart and interactive. After all it is made that way, unlike hike’s Natasha or Siri or Cortana, it is definitely a step up. The chatbot doesn’t have a name like its contemporaries, it is simply known as Google Assistant. It tries to be artificially intelligent, like I asked for David Guetta’s song and misspelt it but it showed the result and even gave me ayoutube link if in any case I would want to listen it. It is made to grow and learn with every usage. You can set reminders or ask for anything, be it news or anything.


Also, it’s amusing and different sticker pack initiates us to use it atleast once.

On the other hand, privacy experts are worried as messages on allo are not end-to-end-encrypted, which leaves the app open to government surveillance. Also, the message retention policy is a matter of serious concern, i.e., the incognito messages will be still in the google server until the user deletes them( to help develop the smart reply feature) which will then open them to lawful  warrant requests. Edward Snowden, crticised the app and even asked people to not to download it.

Allo is no where near perfect, neither I am in favour nor against it, but it is worth a try, I feel. On Allo, you can feel that you are using a combination of all the apps you daily use, I guess it believes in amalgamation,way too much. 😛 However, Chatbot is eventually to go beyond the Allo app in other services.

You can download Allo on Android or Apple Play Store.