I’m sure we all try and be very sophisticated and sincere infront of everyone we meet, but there are few things that we all know we do but never accept. That makes life funny, isn’t it? :’)

Here are few things we do when nobody’s looking us. Sshhh…

1. Have a conversation with yourself

 Image result for Have conversations with yourself

We do this a lot. When no one is watching us, we talk to ourselves loud, sometimes very loud.

2. Using our smartphones in the toilet

 Using smart phone on toilet

We all know how dirty and germy toilets are, and how much we are addicted to our cell phones as well. We all can’t help ourselves but we take our cellphones inside the washrooms for entertainment during the “process”. 

3.  Eating food off the floor

 Eating food off the floor

Yes there is a five-second rule but you don’t wait when nobody’s looking,you easily pick up the cookie even if it’s been there on the floor for more than a minute and when it is your favourite cookie and you have the last bite, there’s no going back.

4. Clear our browsing history before someone asks for our laptop

 Image result for using laptop

Yes, we do it. We even start to panic if we don’t make it before they come to take the laptop. 

5. Pick our nose 

Image result for pick a nose

Let’s end our list with the “nobody is looking classic”.  We all pick our nose and some people might have the perverted tendency to observe the content also. XD

Believe it or not, we all do this someday or the other..

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