We all have this fuss that who will be the next president of The Unites States of America. It isn’t easy for either of the parties. The one who will vote for the candidates and the candidates itself.

With the emerging of business tycoon Trump, and his supremacy boldness about various issues over the great heritage and politically well background Hillary who has concerns to all. 


With less than two months to the elections, both party’s candidates- Hillary Clinton as Democratic Nominee and Donald Trump as Republic Nominee are making no stones unturned to show their leadership skills and demonstrating the Americans that they are perfectly well to be their role model.


Hillary Clinton, with her witty skills and tremendous knowledge about politics has raised a high amount of investors for her campaign. Stating her as a symbol of Power, and challenging the new era to select a woman, is changing minds of many to choose her. Her deepest regards to minorities are pulling up large amounts of votes. And with all due to respect and salute to the excellent work of current President Mr. Barack Obama, she is regarded to continue her legacy.

Donald Trump, a fabulous Orator, and dominant personality who is blunt and direct to his ideas and opinions to all issues is becoming the new Hero of United States. His greatest issues with minorities and terrorism; Many Americans have brought the feeling of a leader who is for the people. Backing the , he has banked down couple of votes and seems to give a very strong competition to Hillary. side of Whites

Let’s see who wins the Elections. Do mention who you vote for…

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