Sorry! You Can’t Do It!


So, you think you can ace that exam you got next week? You feel you have what it takes to get that raise in your salary, the one you have been long expecting? Do you REALLY have the guts to ask that girl out, the one you have liked for ages? Really think about it!

You have been consistently scoring EXTREMELY LOW on your tests.

Even though you worked hard for get that project for the company, your colleague is more talented at sucking up to your boss and getting all the recognition and you will be left with you thumb in your mouth.

Look at yourself. You are FAT and UGLY and such a big NERD. How can she possibly go out with you, you big turd! 

Its cute how you think you have the CAPABILITY to earn a living for yourself and your family doing what you want to do. Who is going to watch your YouTube videos? Your voice sucks dude, do NOT try to become a singer. Have you even looked at that fat belly in front of you that doesn’t allow you to see your own freaking toes?! How can you possibly become a professional dancer?! Have you COMPLETELY LOST IT???

A LOSER like you, somebody who never won anything. Somebody, people try to avoid as much as possible. Somebody who never got picked for the Football team in school, well because you practically SUCKED. You think you can make things work out for you? Come on man! You know you can’t do it! You DON’T HAVE IT IN YOU! Go play safe and be inside the shell you have always been in. Nobody can harm you in there…






Still here..? Congratulations! You just cleared your first (and probably the most) lethal obstacle on your way to success! Things I said above, these are a few faces of something very common and innate to us humans – ‘Criticism’

Criticisms can be very tricky. They can either make you or break you. But that is the fun part. The “make or break” part of the whole argument completely depends upon you. 

It doesn’t matter if it is your parents, your friends, your spouse, whoever it is who is criticising you or your work. If you know that you have what it takes to make it happen, then nothing can stop you! If you are willing to give up your sleep, your food, your ‘free time’ for what you want to do, then let me tell you something really small but important point: Ony YOU CAN DO IT! 


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