5 Hidden Google Easter Eggs and Games!


Google has become one of the prime companies of our era and has excelled in almost every area by leaps and bounds! Be it Pokemon Go or the one stop shop for almost every video on the internet – YouTube. It seems as if whatever Google touches, turns to gold!

But the company, while known for it’s extremely professional work ethic, is also famous for “adding fun to work”. Much like any good game, people at Google have been clever in adding some random but enjoyable easter eggs and games within their various application!

1. Flappy Android 


Remember that game that led to many frustrated people with broken smartphones and a bad temper? You guessed it! I am talking about Flappy Bird. Sadly the game was taken down by the developers for the similar reasons as mentioned above!

But, Google being the stud it is, reintroduced that game with its own twist in all the Lollipop and Marshmallow compatible devices!

All you need to do is, go to Settings, click on About Phone, and tap on where it says ‘Andriod version’ 4-5 times. The logo for your Lollipop/Marshmallow version will appear. Tap and press on that logo and voila! You get Android’s very own Flappy Bird!

2. Offline T-Rex 


It sucks to be in a place where you get no network or WiFi. Imagine a world with no internet! That means no Facebook, no YouTube, no Instagram!!! Well, the people at Google imagined the panic something like that would cause to the masses. So, just to calm your nerves, they added a T-Rex game in Google Chrome for when you are offline or without internet.

If you use Chrome (of course you do, who am I kidding!) you must have noticed a pixelated dinosaur on your screen when you go offline. Yup, thats a game! Just simply click of the T-Rex and spend hours playing what has turned out to be a pretty addictive game, until your net is back on! 

3. Google Pacman


If you are a 90’s kid, then there is a high chance that you are familier with a creepy yellow ‘thing’ just going around eating tiny dots, dogding ghosts for some reason! That’s Pacman for the ‘not 90’s’ kids!

What started as Google’s Doodle on Pacman’s 30th Anniversary, got stuck with the nostalgic people from all over the world and now is a permanent feature on google.com.

Simply type ‘google pacman’ in the search bar and there it is, Mr. Pacman ready for you to feed him the tiny dots!

4. YouTube: ‘What to Search’


Okay this is fun! Go to YouTube and search the following:

i. Doge Meme

ii. Do the Harlem Shake

iii. Use the Force Luke 

5. Google Search Engine ‘Easter Eggs’ 


Google has a few of the most legit easter eggs hidden just on their Google Home Page. Who does that! Yes, maybe this article is turning out to be a huge suck up to Google but THEY ARE THAT GOOD!!! Search for:

 i. Do a barrel roll

ii. Zerg Rush

iii. Flip a Coin

iv. Roll a Die

v. Google in 1998

So these are a few of the easter eggs and hidden games that, I personally am really fond of! There are many other secret stuff around Google and its subsidiaries, waiting to be discovered! So happy hunting! 

Also try elgoog.im, its AWESOME!


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