Ever wondered how fast you are running in this rat race where you end up going nowhere. Ever thought how career-oriented has destroyed all other things. We all wish to be successful, have thick pockets, and be a star in everyone’s eyes. But is that all we want? 

Achieving all things in life and at last waiting for death to

Lonely, Depressed and what else not, you will feel. Having
achieved everything and still not contented.

. Stop everything you are doing right now and give a moment to your life. Give a moment to what you are doing. Is it right? If today was the last day of your life, Will you be doing this? STOP

I dare you to look at what small things are
happening. I dare you to ask your mom if she has had her meals or not. I dare
you to ask if any problem your dad is facing. I dare you to ask your sister if
she feels safe going to her school/college.

I know we all have to achieve big in life. And we have so many priorities and problems coming up on a rapid basis. But Are you the only one? Are you the only individual who has problems? Problem may be mentally, physically, financially, or any other part. Is it just yours? No. Every one faces some kind of problem, but it is upon you how you tackle it. Start loving your family, your friends, your partner, and put work into life, not life into work. Before its too late.

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