5 Types of People You Will Meet at the Gym!

The gym is a wonderful place. People from different walks of life meet in one place, have a good time and hey! Become healthy in the process! You meet a lot of people. Some you like, respect and even get inspired from and some… who just make you want to stick your head inside the treadmill!

While there can be more of them but here are 5 different and ‘Unique’ characters that you are bound to meet at the gym:

1. The Bigfoot:Image result for hairy people gym

The world’s most hairy creature (imagine Anil Kapoor + Shakti Kapoor) ends up killing it on the cross trainer right next to you. Not going below 250 RPM the guy is panting like an old dog and sweating like an old hog!



You being the poor soul that you are, pause your cardio and just stare at this animal who might end up having a heart attack, just to see his sweat-beads diving off of his hairy shoulders in all directions and well, one of two of them manage to reach your face as well!


2. Buffy- The Barbells Slayer:

 **cinnamoncrisp used "*roll picture*"****cinnamoncrisp rolled image**Often shirtless and looking like they just engulfed one whole pig in one bite, Buffy here is looking to slay the helpless exercise machines at the gym. Throwing heavy dumbbells (and its not DUMBULS or DUMBALS!!!) HARD on the floor and messing up with the machines just to try out a particular exercise his uncle “who was a state level wrestler in his youth” had tried once!

The Slayer never keeps the dumbbells on the rack and would often shout as if he finally got rid of his constipation, after every set!

3.  The Creeper


This kind can be found wearing the shortest and tightest shorts (more like swimming trunks) to the gym. YEA! Much like Redfoo from “Sexy and I Know It”, just creppier. The creepers just have two tasks at the gym. 

i. Stare at women during their yoga classes

ii. Creep everyone out doing cardio in those short shorts!

*yuck* not nice.

 4. The Copycat


Copycats can’t be termed as “annoying” particularly, because they aren’t! They are those shy, generally either stick thin or heavy duty bulky members who look at those with the tanks and try to copy their workout regimen. Admittedly, all the staring and looking can become a bit scary for the others at times.

But in general, the copycats are those newly motivated masses who believe they can make a difference in their lifestyle and you know what? ONLY they can! 

5. The Inspiring One 


 And finally the rarest of them all. The inspiring one. He wont  waste his time in small talks but at the same time, will remain humble about his achievements. His work ethic talks so much more than his mouth and people around him  automatically gain a sense of respect for him. 

 And it is the inspiring one, who we all should strive to  become in life as well. “Inspire through your actions and if  possible, motivate with your words.” The world is in need of motivation and if you can provide the people with it, then you are doing your part!