4 Things Every New YouTuber MUST Know:


YouTube is the Mecca for online videos! Every video you view from your Facebook or Twitter account is most probably already uploaded on YouTube (unless its porn, which makes me question the kind of things you follow on social media). 

Videos are a powerful method to put a message across the globe. It is one of the more entertaining methods to share your opinion towards a particular agenda, for the whole world to watch. Therefore, everyday more and more people are starting their own ‘YouTube channel’ and becoming active on the social media!

However, many newbies have a lot of trouble understanding the way YouTube works. So, I being your guardian angel, am here to tell you the four things you MUST know before you start your own YouTube channel! 

1. Copyright Issues:


So you like the new Wiz Khalifa song and want to use it in your video maybe as background music? Or you want to have your own commentary on last night’s football match. Well, you can do that and get your video or channel flagged or even banned due to copyright issues! 

YouTube is very particular about its copyright related rules and regulations. It is highly advised for all YouTubers to thoroughly go through them, to have a long, healthy relationship with YouTube. 

Nonetheless, there are many legal ways to use somebody else’s content in your video. You have to ask or buy the rights of the particular content from its own and even then the YouTube algorithm might flag it as a copyright issue. 

So, the best way to stay out of this entire mess is to create your own, genuine content. Use your own creativity, have an original script and you are good to go! 

2. Audio Library


YouTube tries to help you make your content as entertaining as possible. Every Video Editor would know how important background music is for any video to catch the audiences attention.

Therefore, YouTube provides you with a whole library of music and sounds that you can download (for FREE) and use in your video. 

It provides you with a series of categories like ‘Mood’, ‘Instruments’, ‘Genre’, etc. to filter the kind of music you require for your movie. 

While most of the items available in the library can be used directly, there are a few items that require you to give credit to the creator of the music in the description of your video.

3. The ‘Clean Out’

 Broom, Clean, Cleaning, Dust, Pedestrian, Sweeping

Initially, every YouTuber has problems acquiring Subscribers and getting views on their content. So, in order to increase their Subs, a lot of them make fake Gmail accounts and subscribe to their own channel. They might even click on their own video repeatedly to increase the number of views on their video. 

However, YouTube regularly checks the activities of all the Gmail accounts. If the account hasn’t shown any activity in some time, YouTube deactivates that account thus unsubscribing it from your channel. 

 YouTube also decreases the number of views on your channel to make sure only the genuine views
must be counted.

In a way, YouTube is doing you a favour by decreasing these numbers because then it refines your ‘performance report’ giving you the most accurate results. 

4. Monetization


Ever since YouTube introduced its Partner Program, it has become easier for the YouTubers to make money out of what they love to do. You need to basically go through a four step process to monetize your videos:

i. Enable your channel for Monetization.

ii. Connect your channel to an AdSense Account.

iii. Review video criteria and ad formats.

iv. Monetize your videos with ads.

Further, more in-depth information regarding monetization can be found on this link:


Well, these were a few of the pointers that made my initial days with YouTube kind of bothersome. But there you go! Hope this helps you!




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