Why Do We Write..?


It’s not been long since I have started writing… maybe about a month or so, so I don’t know if I sould consider myself as a “writer”. However, I am a very inquisitive person and love to ask questions, if not to somebody else then myself!

Just today, while I was trying to lose weight, getting my ass handed to me on that stationary bike, many questions crossed my mind. “Why is losing weight so difficult”. “Why can’t I have another cheat day this week?”. “Why do I write?” Now while all the other questions escaped out of my mind as soon as I got off the bike, the last one remained stuck. Believe it or not but I did give this question a lot of thought. 

“Why do we write?”

We write because we are simple, uncomplicated human beings. We have hearts, big enough to experience a lot of emotions throughout the day and we want to pen down those emotions at night before going to bed. We write because we cherish every small thing. Things that are taken for granted. Things that give us joy, often without us knowing it. We enjoy them and we write to transform those small things into immortal memories.

“Why do we write?”

No, we don’t write for the money. No, we don’t write for the followers. And we sure don’t write to become famous! We write because we have this amazing power of “communication”. We write to interact with people whom we have never met. People from places we have never been to. People who may look different. We write to tell them “Hey! You know what? This feeling you are going through, this dungeon of a place you are in, right now? You are not alone in there AND IT WILL BE ALRIGHT!” 

“Why do we write?”

Words can be tricky. When a son, living in Texas sends a text to her mother in India, saying “I love you, ma”, it brings the greatest happiness to the Mother but when a letter, wrapped in the Indian flag, reaches your home, sharing condolences for your loss during the war, it can make you have a lump in your throat. We write to become a part of your happiness and sorrow. 

“Why do we write?”

We write because WE LOVE TO WRITE!

Why do YOU write..? 

Dedicated to all the writers and poets who bring tears to our eyes and smiles to our faces…