17 Years of Baadshah!!!

 Let me make one thing clear before we go on any further. This post is not about Shah Rukh Khan. No, it’s about the FILM “Baadshah” and the memories related to it! Yea, sure SRK got his famous nickname from the film and was also nominated for the Best Performance in a Comic Role at the Filmfare awards, let’s not make SOMETHING about SRK for once! Love that guy BTW! 

17 years ago, today, Baadshah, a film I believe, out of it’s time, was released in the theatres (much like Andaz Apna Apna). Out of time because while it was deemed “average” by Box Office India as the film earned a nett amout of approximately Rupees 15 Crore only. If the film was realsed 17 years later, it would surely be considered an “above average” film, if not a brilliant one! Yes, surely SRK’s reputation would have contributed a lot (I mean… Fan did well!) but other than that, the comedy, the cast and yes, the story (even though it was “influenced” by Rush Hour, The Mask, If Looks Could Kill and Nick of Time) everything came together like a perfect puzzle set!

The film started on a highly humorous note with the “Casino Chashmaas” and only got funnier! 









While SRK was great in it, I loved watching his crew, especially Ram Lal (Johny Level) being so committed to whatever their “Basha Bhai” was into! The fake operation and the fake rains with the empty tank cracked me up! aaahh! *Major nostalgia!*


Almost a three hour long movie and there was so much happening throughout! The love story between Baadshah and Seema (Twinkle Khanna/childhood crush) with the crazy walnut breaking theory, the superspy confusion, the double-agent fiasco with those “Chhipkali Shoes”. 

Let’s just say that no matter when I will listen to that godly “Baadshah” theme song, I will always remember the lyrics and of course the costume with the fake shiny abs! 


 17 years or 70 years, I will always remember Baadshah as one of the most unique Bollywood movies and of course because of them x-ray goggles!


Happy 17th, Baadshah!