Gym Etiquettes: 5 Things You Must NOT Do!

 Okay so you are the next Jay Cutler, the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. The gym is your jungle and you, its Tarzan but that doesn’t mean you have to behave like him! Uncultured and rowdy! Gyms can mean different things for different people. For some, it can be a place to take all their frustration out, for example Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson, “Focus!”, while for some it’s a place they go to, to get over their tiredness, well… for people like me!

In any case, a person would not want to be in a surrounding that can gross him out or worse, injure him! Therefore, here are five things you must NOT do in gyms for a safe, positive environment. After all you wouldn’t want to mess with giant men loaded with their pre-workouts (trust me)! 


5. Don’t Hijack a Machine.

Okay, so this is annoying. Yes, I get it. You paid the same amount of money for the gym as I did. Doesn’t mean you would hoist a flag over it with your name written on it. Move aside dude! I know you got two more sets left but does that mean you can’t have your intervals somewhere other than sitting on that machine about 50000 people are waiting to use?

Get up, give up the machine for the other guy, it won’t take more than 30-60 seconds for him to be done with his set and then you can even make love to your favourite Smith Machine for all I care! Don’t give him that death stare like he is asking for your perfectly shaped abs!

Workouts can be fun when done in harmony and cooperation too!

4. Don’t Give Someone Unsolicited Advice.

You have been working out for about 5 years now? That’s great! You look in great shape! But if I don’t know you, I am okay without your uncalled-for advice, unless my technique is threatening me or others around me.


 Look, you put in a lot of effort to look the way you do and you may be excited to tell the other person how you got there but you don’t know that person, you don’t know about his prior injuries, health conditions or strength issues. So don’t tell that person what to do. He has the gym trainers to guide him.

However, if you need to share your “secrets” with them, just become their friends first! Simple as that!

3. Check Your Wardrobe.

Nothing, I MEAN NOTHING could be sadder than a wardrobe malfunction at the gym (well, it could be if you pop your shoulder off while doing parallel dips but HEY! Positive thinking, eh?). 


Anyhow, you got some pretty tough exercises today that require you to twist and turn and bend a lot. Just make sure your clothes can make it through even if you don’t! Getting inadvertently flashed in the gym can ruin someone’s day. It can imprint an image in someone’s head for a really long time and it may never go away! *oohhh… those sad, SAD MEMORIES!*

Anyway, just make sure that your clothes are apt and safe to work out in!

2. Don’t Take Off Your Shirt In Public.

Had a nice, sweaty, abs workout? Those abs are burning like crazy, huh? Feeling all ripped inside? I am sure you can bear the heat for some more time. No need to take off your shirt! As it is we are letting you pose and click selfies with your gym-bro as you stand in front of the mirror that could be put to greater use for somebody WHO IS ACTUALLY EXERCISING!


 Seriously though, you taking off your shirt, posing like Bhai Jaan in front of everyone… It ain’t like the movies! It will not only make the women around you really REALLY uncomfortable, it will also make others feel insecure about their body.

If you really worship your body so much that you are willing to go through all that pain to make it healthier, you must also respect others’ commitment to try to do the same! Be cool.

1. Don’t Do What You Don’t Know.

Coming to the final and the most serious point. There is no shame in letting the trainer know if you are new and don’t know what a particular term means or what the technique for a particular exercise is. You must tell your trainer about your health issues, injuries, joint pains, etc. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

An experienced and knowledgeable instructor will givemodifications and alternative moves to many of the exercises during a class. It'scommon for people to have injuries. What's not cool and is highly annoying is the person who makes up their own routine during a class.

 Being careful and technically sound are the two best buddiesyou can make at the gym. It is not only important for your health and wellbeing, it is also important for those of the others!

So there you go! Follow gym etiquettes, be nice and humble and become a good workout colleague for there is no greater achievement to a man than having respect in the eyes of others! 

Aaaannnddd it also helps you not getting cursed at!   


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