College life is what every teenager is looking upto. Watching all those
bollywood/hollywood movies where often life of a teenager is changed into a
crazy happy going party life which is mostly not the same as movies but yeah
somehow similar. College life itself is a different adventure yet a life
changing experience.



1. Planning everynight to attend all the lectures the next morning

The same old routine of planning to attend lectures the next day and ending
up with bunking. At first we seem to be very dedicated but soon we end up
bunking classes everyday. That is college life though!


2. Buying textbooks for the semester makes you feel like your bank account
does: empty

Every semester we buy books pledging we will read them after all they are
more expensive then our window shopping.But they are untouched till the time
the exams doesnt ring our door bells, though there are some who doesnt even
touch them at that time too.

3.Creating weird Snapchat stories usually gets in the way of study

Snapchat our life saviour cause this app makes a boring lecture bearable. we have made various stupid videos using those crazy filters haven’t we? Even on our teachers while they teach us the boring text. What a show!


4.Looking through your pictures the morning after a frosh and finding a
quality photo is a novelty, so it must be shared on Instagram.


Oh! a mandatory selfie or a picture of us going to college everyday? aah afterall we need to share it on social media like instagram and facebook. To such hashtags #CollegeDiaries #Collegeisfun #Nolectures…..


5.Whether it is tom uncle, QD, sheila aunty, Satya, Hudson, kamla nagar,
those are just small hangout breaks from such a long lecture

Call it anyway we feel more happy when we hangout at such places rather then going out to a lavish resturant. there is always a story behind such hangouts. moreover it does not makes us feel like bankrupt even if we hangout there everyday.    Budgetfriendly!


6.Juniors or seniors? we like to be socailised with everyone

we all like to be famous in our college. Ofcourse why not? gettin in touch
with hot seniors and knowing all the junors make u feel like a celebrity more
often. Getting all the attention oh yes please.


7. You haven’t even been to the first day of class, and you’re already stressing about finals week.

Internals easy go, but when it comes to the finals we are dead people. The whole years goes into chilling and when finals hit we have no clue.




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