This independence day weekend plan should be innovative yet entertaining isn’t it? So we will give you a glance about both the movies and you choose which one you like to watch first.



The story revolves around a naval officer who finds his wife cheating on him with one of his friends, he kills his wife’s boyfriend and pleads guilty. But he tends to safe himself from the chaos.

Akshay Kumar has always done an impressive job in potraying characters as solid guy in uniform. The director tried to recreate the real life incident of the infamous KM Nanavati case in 1950’s on screen with a touch of suspense, entertainment and romance.Rustom is a crime thriller but the script doesn’t have that mystery or thrill element and the story completely fails to create the suspense. Without Akshay, the movie may be turned into a garbage film but Akshay saves the project. 

So yeah one can watch out Rustom if one is willing to watch a thriller yet not so thriller movie this weekend . 




Mohenjodaro has picture perfect visuals and colossal sets that take you to a love story set in pre-historic India. Mounted like an epic with elements of romance, state politics and exodus, director Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo Daro is loosely based on histroical facts. Yet, the film has nothing to do with the history of the place which was abandoned and termed Mohenjodaro, which means mount the dead, when it was rediscovered in the early 20th century. 

The Script follows a formulaic pattern and although it rides on an even keel, it is weak in parts. The screenplay is influenced by numerous historical films and lack thrilling moments. The sets are  atmospheric and the wide-angle lensing gives the film its added zing.

Overall , Mohenjo Daro lights up the screen but only if it was crisp and thrilling.

Watching Mohenjo Daro another good option. 



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